A training week on "Open Data" was organized for 200 employees from 83 ministries and departments


From 13 to 21 October this year, a training week on "Open Data" was held for 200 employees of 83 ministries and departments.

From 13 to 21 October this year, a training week on "Open Data" was held for 200 employees of 83 ministries and departments.

As part of this week, participants improved their skills in various training webinars and seminars on the topic "Development of the open data sphere".

These enterprises are conducted by the the State Committee on Statistics, the OSCE Project Coordinator in Uzbekistan, as well as the park of software products and information technologies (IT-Park) in order to ensure the implementation of the resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 9, 2019 "On additional measures to ensure openness and transparency of public administration and increasing the statistical potential of the country ”and the Decree of the President of our country dated October 5, 2020“ On the approval of the “Digital Uzbekistan-2030” strategy and measures for its effective implementation ”.

The main purpose of these webinars and seminars is to develop skills on "Open Data", their importance and necessity, the advantages of their use, the placement of data collections on the Open Data Portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan (https://data.gov.uz/).

At these events, participants received hands-on training that the Open Data Portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan also provides users with a single point of access to open data on the Internet and provides user feedback with open data providers.

Also, we received information about the relevance and importance of published open data, about new open data and improved conditions for users when considering proposals for access to open and ensuring transparency of suppliers' activities and how to enable users to make effective economic decisions using open data hosted by on the portal.

As a conclusion, it should be noted that the development of open data in Uzbekistan is expected to increase the transparency and accountability of state bodies, the development of civil society due to the ability to control and monitor the activities of state bodies, an increase in citizens' confidence in state bodies, the creation of a database for the implementation of the concept of "Open Government" , promoting the formation of a market for applications and services operating in the form of open data on the global Internet, saving the budget for the development of socially useful services, expanding the possibilities for the exchange of information between government agencies.

It should be noted that open data is information about the activities of state and economic management bodies, local government bodies, posted on the Internet in a machine-readable format for the purpose of multiple, free and free use.

Also, within the framework of the organized training week on "Open Data", issues of further work on organizing such seminars and webinars, as well as improving the qualifications and skills of employees in working with open data, were discussed.


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