About Portal

Currently, the state bodies have formed a huge amount of information resources that provide great interest to users.

Disclosure of public information of public authorities in the form of open data is the Foundation of open public administration.

By publishing and providing access to open data, the transparency of the work of state bodies is ensured, the opportunity for public control is provided, and new services for
citizens and business are created.

The publication of data and information on the activities of public authorities in the form of open data will allow them to be used as data sources in the formation of various information resources and the development of information systems, as well as services and applications for both public authorities and subjects of business.

The portal operates within the framework of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan №232 dated August 7, 2015 "On measures for furtherimprovement of the Government portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the Internet, with providing the open data".

About content and sections of Portal

The portal has bilingual versions and consists of the following sections:
a) the main - "Home", "Developers", "news»;
b) auxiliary – "news of the portal", "Popular data", "Organizations" "About the portal", "Feedback", "Terms of use of information".

а) the main sections

Section «Main»
This section is the main page of the Portal and it contains information describing the essence of the Portal in the form of banners, categories of data in the form of icons, and announcements of news about the portal.

The search function will provide an opportunity to quickly find the necessary information on the Portal.
From the main page you can go to the main data placed on other pages of the Portal with one click.

Section «Developers»
In this section, open data is provided in a machine-readable format suitable for further processing and analysis.

Section «News»

News about new data provided by state bodies in expanded form is provided.

Section «Statistics»
In this section users can find statistical indicators published on data sets and state authorities.

Section «Open data dictionary»

In this section, users can familiarize themselves with the terms and their meanings.

Section «Legislative acts»

This section presents the legal framework of the Portal.

b) auxiliary sections
Section «News of Portal

This section contains news announcements, from where you can go to the main news page with one click, where the full text of the selected news will be revealed.

Section «Popular data»

This section contains a list of data demanded by users.

Section «Organizations»
This section provides a list of government agencies that place data in an open form.

Section «About Portal»

In this section, the user is provided with a brief information about the functions of the portal.

Section «Feedback»

The "Feedback" section is a page intended for sending letters to the portal administrator. The sender can leave all the necessary contact information, such as: name, surname, e-mail, phone and address. In the appropriate window for information, he can enter the text of his message – ask a question, leave a proposal, complain about something,leave some comments, etc.

Section «conditions of using data»
This section describes the terms of use of the information posted on the Portal.

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