International Practice

Nowadays, there are many services and applications operating on the basis of open data and open innovations all over the world. They all perform a variety of tasks: to help in finding a job, to avoid traffic jams, to lay a comfortable сycling route, however, they have one goal – to improve the safety and quality of life of citizens.

Among variety applications can be identified several of the most popular:

Citymapper - free service, which is used in London, Paris, Berlin, Singapore, Los Angeles,Mexico city and many other large cities. Recently, the project became available
to residents of St. Petersburg.

One of the differences between the application and other similar projects — in addition to the route on public transport, it can also make a walking or a cycling route. For those, who goes by metro, with tips on what car to sit. In addition, the calculated route time is updated in real time depending on the situation on the roads or changes in the route.

Wikipedia – multilingual online encyclopedia, which is addressed by people from all over the world in search of answers to a variety of questions. It is based on open source software and provides access to texts, definitions, data, pictures, maps.

Spotify – not available in Russia at the moment, but popular all over the world is a revolutionary streaming music service hailing from Sweden. In the collection Spotify service in legal access are the products of many labels.

Zoopla – portal dedicated to property, originally from the UK. Helps buyers and renters easily find the right property with open data. The portal is connected to the city service UpMyStreet, which allows you to choose accommodation, based also on product prices, criminal statistics, school rankings and other criteria.

CycleStreets – Bicycle travelling planner, which allows you to get from point A to point B, avoiding traffic jams and uncomfortable sections of the road. The service is
based on OpenStreetMap-an alternative to a commercial map, based on open lisence.

Adzuna – service for those who are in search of work. This search system collects all job ads posted on the Internet. The service will help applicants not only to prepare for an interview, but also to find out what competition they will have to face.

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