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In this Section, open data related to the activities of the Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan is provided. Here you can get acquainted with a number of information related to the notary, the solicitor, the Registry and the justice system. At the time of using information, we recommend you acquaint with the terms of using information.

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Surxondaryo viloyatida faoliyat ko‘rsatuvchi hakamlik sudlari ro‘yxati 3477
Sirdaryo viloyatining nazorat tashkilotlari ro'yxati 2904
Jizzax viloyatida faoliyat yurituvchi davlat notarial idoralari ro'yxati 2716
Jizzax viloyatida faoliyat yurituvchi FHDYO bo'limlari 2675
Sirdaryo viloyatida faoliyat yurituvchi advokatura muassasalari ro'yxati 2183
Number of reported crimes (units)

The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on statistics

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